Some people were put on this earth for reasons beyond what they ever thought expected of them. The measures they take in their life prove to be beyond the ordinary. These people when you meet them you just know there’s something special about them. They light up the room like fire flies taking the sky. […]



Two years ago was the last time I shared anything publicly. I have shared some events about my life on social media but I have held back from sharing any of my personal writings. Times are different now and I have grown into a different person. My world used to have a much larger circle […]


Why a Life Coach and Why Me?

What is a life coach? Well I’ve come to learn through my training that you can’t really give that term an exact definition. You might be asking yourself, “why would I need a life coach?” I really think a life coach is necessary for all of us. Whether you’re a struggling college student, at rock […]

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God’s Plan

Who’s in control of the narrative here? At one point in my life I thought you could just write your life down or imagine it and as you work towards it it would all play out. But life isn’t like that. Life changes directions even when you do not plan it that way. I’ve seen […]

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