It’s a tough world right now. We all know that. We’re living in unprecedented times. You’re not alone if you feel anxious, depressed, scared, or feel like you’re going out of your mind. World War III? Nuclear war? It’s all scary, but you can’t fixate on it. You can only focus on what’s right in front of you. You have to start with yourself, love yourself, be yourself, do you, be you. You have to keep the faith. Drive yourself away from hateful feelings and drive yourself away from the feelings of self-pity. Most of all, we need each other.

Reach out to others if you’re feeling lonely. Don’t be scared to speak your mind. Don’t be afraid to talk about your struggles. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and always be that person to be there for somebody else. I’m guilty of it and I don’t want to make excuses.  Being in a relationship and COVID has really carried me away from my friendships. It’s my fault and no one else’s. I’m guilty of not reaching out to my friends. Of thinking I’m too busy to reach out and make that short phone call to a friend or simply just shoot a text message.

Right now we’re kind of coming out of isolation and it’s been kind of strange. I’m finally getting back in the groove of talking to people. It’s like I was awkward for a little while. Like I didn’t know how to talk to people anymore. Like I didn’t know how to have a grown-up conversation. The more I practice though, and the more I put myself out there, the better it has gotten. It has been extremely helpful putting myself back out in the world. I encourage you to create a routine to put yourself back out in the world and connect with people.

I encourage relationships because relationships require you to work on yourself. They are helpful because you are constantly trying to better yourself for one another. That is at least a healthy relationship and that is what we should all seek out and identify before proceeding. Avoid toxic relationships at all costs that are one-sided. Relationships are not just with a significant other. I’m also talking about friendships. So I encourage you to reach out to your friends during these difficult times.

Go through your contacts and just send a text message to somebody that you have not talked to in a while. You will be surprised how they respond. You have no idea where that conversation will lead you. I did it one day and I found out my friend Andrew was the new owner of Best Burger and it got me a free meal. He opened my eyes to a new passion to better understand business and lifelong learning. Most importantly a long lost connection with an old friend was found. 

You have an incredible device in the palm of your hands that connects you with people all around the world. Make use of it for what it should be used for. Connect with those you love. Find the help you need and be there for those that you love. Never be afraid to speak up if you’re struggling. But give back when you can. It’s a scary world right now, but keep it simple, don’t catastrophize, and use that device you’re holding right now to connect. If you’re holding everything in and struggling then reach out and get some help. If you feel like you have it all together then reach out and help someone. Simply just start making connections because you never know how a simple connection can pick up a relationship and lead you down a brighter path and create a brighter world.



  1. Excellent Adam.! Just what i needed for today! God Bless You and keep on writing. Your messages are an inspiration and full of truth and hope!

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