Some people were put on this earth for reasons beyond what they ever thought expected of them. The measures they take in their life prove to be beyond the ordinary. These people when you meet them you just know there’s something special about them. They light up the room like fire flies taking the sky. They are the people you can lean on and the people you can trust. There are very few and far between. They are definitely not to taken for granted.

The day Emily entered my world I was a mess. Few people would’ve wanted to bother with me. Not many people would see the special person behind the madness. But our relationship took off regardless of my struggles. She pulled out the mess in me. She untangled it gently by simply just listening to me for days on end. She listened to the good and the bad. She heard the pain in my voice and saw the pain in my eyes while I wrestled with my demons.

This was beyond painful for her too. Her heart holds a tremendous amount of empathy and she felt for me. She wanted to solve the puzzle that was getting me grounded. She dove deep to discover the person I was before and added touches to make me better than before. She transformed my reality and me as a person in general.

Emily was my rock and even though she was a total stranger, she quickly felt like home. When I was struggling with reality she soon enough got me to realize that reality was right in front of me. Reality was wherever she was. She was my new reality and she was a reason worth living.

Today, I have my partner for the rest of my life in Emily. I know she will stand by my side forever. She’s stronger than me and I know that through our daily endeavors. She’s is battle tested and nearly bullet proof. She has taught me to be a better man and she has taught me that my purpose now is just to to live in the moment and deal with what comes in front of me. She has shown me the beauty in all things around me, in the little things, and that the big things in life are family, friends, love, trust, honesty, and communication.

Emily has shown me what is beautiful in a world so scary right now to so many. In tough times we are flourishing. That is because we started from the bottom and she raised me up and in turn I raise her up. Together now we lift each other up trying to reach the pinnacle of true love. That is a reality worth fighting for and a full life worth living.


One thought on “FROM LOST TO LOVED

  1. Dear Adam,

    I am glad you have found someone very special. It sounds like you love her with all your heart and I am very happy for you. I hope she returns the same. It is important not to put her so high on a pedestal that you can’t reach her. Be real in your love and share your love with her but allow her some air at the same time. It sounds wonderful but make sure you both are traveling the same direction at close to the same speed… so you don’t get hurt.

    I pray that you are both happy.I believe in marriage when you find the right person. Love is powerful and worth it. Good luck.



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