Why a Life Coach and Why Me?

What is a life coach? Well I’ve come to learn through my training that you can’t really give that term an exact definition. You might be asking yourself, “why would I need a life coach?” I really think a life coach is necessary for all of us. Whether you’re a struggling college student, at rock bottom or a successful business professional we all could benefit from someone that could help us navigate our lives to unlock our full potential. No one can navigate life on their own. We all need people in our lives to help us reach that next level.

So how does the process work? A life coach typically works with their clients just one hour a week over the phone or in person. A life coach is not someone that is going to tell you what to do with your life. You actually have all the answers. A life coach is going to work with you by asking powerful questions that will get you to open up and think out loud about the different issues that are going on in their lives. A life coach only speaks about 20% of the time while the client does most of the talking.

By actively listening to the client the life coach picks up on important issues that arise throughout the conversation. By continuing to follow with powerful questions the life coach gets the client to dive deeper and seek out solutions to the the barriers in life that are holding the client back.

Have you ever tried journaling? There is a lot of stuff in your head that comes out on paper. A life coach kind of acts as a listening journal that guides you through a verbal journaling process. Each week you focus on an issue and as the client speaks the life coach listens intently and comes up with questions that get you to dive deeper into your mind and explore all of the different aspects of your life. Powerful questioning keeps the conversation going and gets you to think of things and solutions that you may never have thought of if you were just thinking to yourself.

You wouldn’t believe what comes out when you start to think out loud while you have someone listening intently picking up on different issues and getting you to explore them more. As you go throughout the conversation you get to a point where everything is out there and it is time to start coming up with a plan to find solutions to the issues that you are having in your life. The term life coach makes it sound like the coach would tell you what to do, but the coach merely acts as a guide to get you to dive deeper into your mind and come up with multiple solutions and an action plan to move forward.

You really do have all the answers because you know yourself best. You know what works best for you. So as you start to come up with these solutions you may decide the best solution for yourself and then agree that that is what you want to work on that week.

We all know what it’s like to have a deadline to get something important done which actually makes us take action to get that thing done. When the life coach follows up with the client the next week they are there to hold them accountable for the action plan they set forth the week before. So now by having someone hold you accountable for what you said you were going to do you actually feel obligated to reach the goals that you set out for in life. This is where you start moving forward.

If you follow through and stick to the plan that you have established with your life coach, each week you will see a progression in your life that you never thought possible. Is there a book that you have always dreamed of writing? Are you like me that gets these out of this world ideas that you dream of coming into fruition? Are you at rock bottom and you are struggling to find meaning in your life and you want to you make something of yourself?

A good life coach can help you get to places in your life that you have always dreamed of. My goal as a life coach is to help people reach their dreams and find true happiness. I love working with people that are overcoming extreme adversity because I know what that is like. I know what it takes and I know that no matter where you are at life you are capable of building yourself back up and turning your life into something truly special.

I’ve been at rock-bottom multiple times in my life and now I am at a point in my life where my mind is extremely stable and each day is better than the next. I want to help people navigate life that feel lost because I know that feeling. I know there is hope and potential for all of us. I want to be there for you to help you find your purpose and make you find what it feels like to feel truly alive.

I am available to talk to if you are trying to reach that next level. I have been professionally trained both through an internationally recognized life coaching program, but more importantly the most challenging obstacles that life can throw at you. I am up for the challenge of helping you live a better life. Please reach out to me if you want to reach your full potential. I’m here to listen and guide you through everything that life throws at you and I am ready to help you reach that next level that you never thought possible.

Contact me at 330-472-7953, a.c.helbling@gmail.com or go to my website to learn more about me at http://www.AdamHelbling.com


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