Give People a Second Chance… and a Third… and a…

Forgiveness… Isn’t that what we are all set out here to practice? Think about it in your own life. Do you have friendships that are broken for one reason or another? Is it just one thing or one event that led that friendship to fall apart? Do you ever find yourself thinking about that friend or even missing that friend? Just one argument that was unforgivable. Maybe it was a couple or even several. Now if you think back on that friendship does the good outweigh the bad? Can you remember all the good times before the fallout? Can you picture what life would be like if you had that friend back by your side? Forgiveness is what we are supposed to practice, yet these days the norm is that if someone screws you over it is unforgivable.

I agree… some relationships are toxic and we are better off going our separate ways. That still does not mean that you cannot forgive that person even if you still are going to go your separate ways. It’s just not a good thing to hold that hate in your heart. For every time you see that person or think about that person it is just going to cloud your mind with negative thoughts.

Love is the answer. We need to love everyone unconditionally and realize that we all make mistakes no matter how much we love each other. I’ve even heard that the more you care about someone the meaner you can be to that person. I’ve definitely seen that, but I know it’s not true when it comes to all people. Even with those people treat them with respect. Kill them with kindness. It might just rub off on them. Plus just do it for yourself because you feel like a better person because of it.

We’re living in a world of so much hate right now and it’s driving me crazy and I’m sure most of you feel the same. The country is divided and tensions are at an all-time high. We need to come together and create some sort of unity. It starts with each and everyone of us and how we treat each other.

Remember that each person you encounter is struggling with their own issues. You may think you’ve been through a lot, but you have no idea what another person is going through or what they have been through. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Sometimes you simply just catch somebody having a bad day or it could even be a bad week or year for that matter. Don’t add more agony into their lives by spreading hate. Set an example and always be kind or if you are about to say something you might regret hold off and just smile and walk away.

Be completely unoffendable. I heard that yesterday at church and they called it a superpower. I thought it was pretty cool because I really do believe that I have that superpower. It’s hard to get to that point and takes a lot of practice. You have to stay mentally strong and always believe in yourself. Always believe in the greater good of people. You know what is true about yourself and what is not true about yourself. Sometimes if you hear the same offensive thing over and over again just take note of it and ask your close friends if it is true and if it is something you need to work on.

We are all a work in progress so always look for your weaknesses and try to strengthen them. Just don’t do well on your weaknesses. At the same time you really need to just focus on your strengths because sometimes our weaknesses cannot be strengthened.

People often tell me that I’m too forgiving. I don’t think there is any such thing. We are supposed to love each other and get along. I’ve made mistakes and I say some messed up stuff sometimes so I surely don’t want people holding things against me forever. I appreciate forgiveness more than anything. I really appreciate understanding. Anyone I meet I try not to judge them or make assumptions. I try to understand where they’re coming from. I take the time to get to know them. I ask questions and I listen. I always try to see the good in people. Yes… sometimes they mess up and sometimes they mess up really bad. Sometimes they do it over and over again. But change is a process. If you don’t let people make mistakes and practice forgiveness then you will get nowhere.

Trust that everyone is capable of change. Remember that we are all flawed in our own way. We aren’t always going to view things the same way and we aren’t always going to get along. Life is not perfect. People are not perfect. We are all a little bit broken and in those broken moments sometimes the worst comes out here. Just let the situation pass and give it a day or two and talk things over with that person when things calm down.

Practice forgiveness and mend the broken relationships that you have in your life. Just think of how it feels when someone will not forgive you. We all need each other especially right now so it’s time to spread love and stop this division. It starts with you. Be the example.


6 thoughts on “Give People a Second Chance… and a Third… and a…

  1. LOVE this article. I hope more people take it to heart and start practicing. So many believe what they read on social media, which is engineered to be as habit-forming and uses profile data to deliver articles directly to individual users. It only adds fuel to the fire. Our country is so divided politically, however I feel that LOVE can bring us together.

    Thanks for sharing Adam.

  2. Thank you for your constant inspiration. The words that just grabbed me were: “Just think of how it feels when someone will not forgive you” That is big! I tend to remember things that others have said or done to me personally and hold it in. Now I have a statement to remind me to let that go & realize it is not about me. You are so right when it comes to easily forgiving strangers and having empathy for others that aren’t as close as family and friends. This life is tricky but I feel that is where most of the beauty lies – in the things that are so hard to understand.

  3. God has been speaking to my heart about this exact thing! I know that in my own strength I cannot continually forgive and love I have to depend on God and pray and really be in tune to Him and when to speak and when to be quiet. Relationships are hard but if they are worth it to the people involved then they have to learn each other and work towards a better understanding of each other. We are all a work in progress and we all have our own pain and stories it’s amazing the strength we could gain off of each other if we just got real and worked through our differences instead of automatically throwing walls up when we feel hurt. Prayer works 🙏❤️Thanks for sharing 😊

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