When I Found What Love Feels Like

I waited my entire life to find someone that was worth the pursuit. In 27 years I never met a girl that screamed perfection to me that I knew was worth the chase. I never met anyone who would come to mind every time I listened to a love song. Never anyone who I just found myself thinking about multiple times a day and envisioning a future with. Never anyone who made it so easy to bring out the best in me. A more simple way to put it is that I never knew what it felt like to be in love.

I felt fulfilled when I was around her. I cherished every second that I got to spend with her. The noise around me became quiet when we were together and I was just living in the moment with her. Nothing could distract me. Hours would pass by that would feel like minutes. 
I made it clear to her how I felt about her. I knew how I felt about her within the first few minutes of meeting her. It is said when you meet the right one you just know. I was 100% certain that I had met the one that I had been waiting for my entire life. Life has been different since the second that I met her.
I always wonder if she feels the same way. I was too afraid to ask. I was too afraid of rejection, too afraid to ask for that first kiss or simply just reach over and hold her hand and have her let go. I always wonder how often I run through her mind. I wonder if she thinks about me every day like I think about her. I wonder if lyrics of a song speak to her and she thinks of me just like I think of her.
She’s miles and miles away now pursuing her dreams. The last thing I was going to do was try and stop her. I want the world to recognize her talent and beauty and allow her to share it with the world and have them see the beauty she has inside and outside just how I saw it in her. Her talent and beauty is meant to be shared. I would be selfish to hold her back from sharing it. 
I think two of the most beautiful things in this world are having passion for something and spreading love to everyone in your path. Those are two qualities that she has.
I am so thankful that she came into my life. I am not saying goodbye. I am hanging onto the memories that we made together and I am thankful that she showed me how to love this world and to love others. I am hoping for many more memories in the future, although I am not going to sit around waiting for her. I’m going to continue to explore my options, which will be hard because she set the bar so high. If she comes back into my life one day then I will embrace her with open arms.
Thank you for coming into my life and showing me what love is and what it feels like. We are both living out the next chapters of our lives. Maybe one day a chapter will start that includes both of us together,  but even if that does not happen I hope we both live out chapters that neither one of us could have written any better.

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