The Bipolar Questionnaire: Share Your Story ANONYMOUSLY to Be Included in a Book with a Compilation of Stories About Bipolar


Bipolar Questionnaire

BIPOLAR? Share your story anonymously to be included in a book that will change the world’s perception about bipolar.
There are many misconceptions regarding bipolar disorder. People tend to only focus on the unstable mood changes going abruptly from happy to angry. Why is it that the world perceives it this way? It is because naturally we are afraid to admit we are bipolar and we do not want to share our story. There are over 6 million Americans that have bipolar so you are not alone. You should not be ashamed.

Now is your chance to share your story with the world anonymously. All you have to do is simply fill out the questionnaire. Please be as descriptive as possible. Make yourself vulnerable! No one is going to have any idea who the story is about.

Sharing your story may help someone realize that they are bipolar and it may help them to seek treatment. You may be able to help someone that is struggling with it now. Most importantly you will change the perception that the world has about bipolar. Never has there been a book like this and this is your chance to be a part of this movement.

Change lives! Share your story! Thank you for your help and for how much you are going to be helping so many others in this world that are struggling right now!

Thanks again!


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