The Purpose Driven Life

One might look at me and think that my focus is on everything that has been taken away from me but in fact it’s the opposite. I have been given so much and now I have so much to give, which is much more than has been taken away. This is now a purpose driven life. All of the tears that were shed, the anger, and the frustrations helped me to find myself. Adaptation to my new physical self was the biggest struggle. Eventually it became the new normal and all that was lost was soon forgotten and I started to look ahead to the future with an open mind.

This past week someone told me that they read my article and they said that my story was comically tragic. I love the way he put that because that is exactly how I would describe it. When I look back on everything now I laugh. Throughout my life people would describe me as the smartest dumbest person they have ever met. I’ve also been described as the luckiest person they have ever met although I’m not a huge believer in luck. I believe that luck is a result of hard work and preparation. I know that very few would’ve survived my crash but I believe that God had it all planned out for me. That is why I am still here today.

I think now to the two different lives that I could be living. If my life never got off course I would be working as a civil engineer under somebody else working towards their dream. I would probably be out in California and I would probably still be a stoner. I would still be waterskiing and doing everything physical that I used to love. I prefer this alternate path, which is a purpose driven life where I can follow my own dreams.

When I look back to the morning that I crashed I look at it as a street sign with a Y in the road. If I took a left then I never would’ve crashed and I would’ve continued the life that I was living. If I took a right I would crash and be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. I never would’ve chosen to take a right if it were before my accident. But after three years I know that I chose the right direction. I would choose the purpose driven life.


4 thoughts on “The Purpose Driven Life

    1. I have a copy of the book but never finished it. That is how I thought of the title. You got me! Haha. I’ll have to pick it back up when I’m home over Christmas.

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