Guest Posts

I feel that it’s time to take away the focus from my story and to shine light on others. I will now be accepting guest posts to post to my blog. Everyone has their own obstacles and struggles that they have had to overcome. I want to hear about yours. Also, if you are currently struggling with something I want to hear about it. This site can be used as a forum for people to give you valuable advice on how to get through your situation. If you just have a funny story to share then send it to me. You can let me know if you want me to share your name or if you want to post anonymously.

Please send me your posts to and I will get them posted to the site.

I am also interested in doing interviews if you have a story to tell but you would like me to write it up for you. Please contact me if you’re interested! I look forward to hearing your stories!

You can also message me on Facebook.



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