How to Create a Better World and a Better You

This was the pursuit of happiness and now I can’t even remember the last bad day I’ve had. I have found joy through helping others and by helping others it has helped myself. That is the greatest gift that we can all give. We all have had our own unique life experiences that have shaped us into who we are today. These experiences can be shared to help others going through a rough time in hopes that they can find the light.

We all have little frustrations that show up throughout our day. Sometimes it is much easier to focus on those frustrations rather than to see the good that happened in each day. People often look at me and ask me what happened and right away they say that they are sorry. I do not want people at all to feel sorry for me. Life now has been greater to me than it has ever been before. I could easily sit back and dwell on all the things that I am missing out on, but life has presented me with new opportunities that I never would’ve had if I was not in the situation that I am in now. This second chance at life is much better than the first.

Of course I would much rather be back on my feet, but would I have continued to go back down the path that I was following? I was reckless and did not take advice well, but now I am open to advice and the best advice that I get is constructive criticism. I could do a speech and sometimes 95% of the feedback that I get is extremely positive but the best feedback I get is that 5% that tells me how I could do better. If everybody just tells you that you’re great then nothing changes, but those 5% of people that are brave enough to tell you that you could do better are the ones that push you forward. So next time someone tells you that you may be leading in a wrong direction keep an open mind.

Perfection will never be achieved without change. Well in actuality perfection will never be achieved by anyone. The greats were never perfect but they constantly improved. They were coached to be better and they never did it on their own. I could tell you how to live a better life and you could also do the same for me.

There are still some things that I take for granted but it’s not like before. You do not realize what you have until it’s gone. I look at some other people that are paralyzed that have the ability to stand and get themselves in and out of bed or just to stand up and sit on the couch. I wish so badly that I had that ability. But I also see others that drive around their chair with their face or have no function in either of their hands. It’s a sad thing to say that some of these people make you feel better about your lives. But at the same time there are things that they have that you do not have. They have learned to adapt to a situation that is worse than yours. Maybe that makes them a stronger person than I am.

I do not want my message to come across as something like look at me and all that I cannot do and then think about everything that you have that I can not do because I’m still blessed. I have to have one of the strongest and closest families I’ve ever seen. I have friends that love me and support me that are motivated and push me to want to do more. I’m in a situation where people see me and it drives curiosity about what happened and people are likely to listen. I am in a unique situation to help others. The driving force that helps keep a smile on my face.

Try to help somebody today. We do all these things in our lives where we are trying to help ourselves to make ourselves happier. People push to find a higher paying job to buy that fast car or that bigger house, but in the end the material things are not what will make you happy. It is the impact that you will have on another life that will truly put a smile on your face. That is how I put a smile on my face and forgot about everything that I’ve lost. Random acts of kindness will go a long way. Try to be a person that pushes society forward. Do not live for yourself but live to have an impact on others. If everyone lived for the betterment of the world and not themselves then this world would be a much better place.


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