Letters From High School Students

A few days ago I received some letters in the mail from a friend of mine who teaches high school in Arizona. He read my blog to his students and asked if some of them could write me letters. Reading through these letters was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had since the day of my accident. Below are the letters that I received.

Dear Adam,

Your story about your accident truly inspired me. You see, I am one of those people who isn’t a fan of life because of past events. The fact that you overcame being an addict of marijuana and being paralyzed is definitely a miracle for anybody.

When I heard what happened to you, it brought tears to my eyes because I can understand what you went through. I can honestly say that I know what you’ve been through and I know how you feel. Maybe not physically but emotionally.

Feeling like you no longer have a place in the world and that you’re just a bother. Feeling like your life is no longer needed. Feeling useless? Yeah, I’ve been there. And the way that you turned your life around told me to never give up on life. Everybody has it hard. But that doesn’t mean that we automatically have to give up. We have to keep our head held high and keep strong. Thank you for telling your story.

Dear Adam,

On behalf of your story I would like to state that not only have you showed minors today that life isn’t a joke, but to show the responsibility will always be taken by the actions you make. Life has many flaws and you faced many. Through the tragedies that happened to you in life, you have grown off of them and proven yourself you can still accomplish many things. You have not only written about the incident that happened to you but many have been touched by it, as for myself. I believe that God has been with you throughout your journey in life, and has kept you in this world for many reasons. You’re now helping others that have similar situations or who are facing difficulties in life. Thank you for your time, and I appreciate the help and appreciate you put it out into the world. You have shown many people what it’s like to feel empowered but how quickly it can all change with one mistake. Your capability of reaching success through all the struggles has given me a strong force of inspiration and help of success in life.

Dear Adam,

Your story has changed me. It moves me and changed the way I see things. Your story had a great impact on my life. I can’t understand how you have gotten through this. The way you have changed me is I really want to help people. I understand that you’re now paralyzed. You said you were waterskiing. I can’t understand how much it blows to be paralyzed in your legs and not be able to do what your passion is.

Your story had a huge effect on me. I am more motivated to do right. I normally say that my day sucked but now I can always think of all the good that happened in my day, then the good overpowers the bad. I feel for you on how you wanted to be in waterskiing and you now don’t have that chance.

What you have done is amazing. You recovered your morale and found a strength. You may not have physical leg strength but your attitude is incredible. You had a low time and now you’re at the top. I think you have drastically changed but not in a bad way. I hope I can hear more about you. Again I’m sorry about the incident and I feel for you. Thank you for taking your time to read my letter. I hope I’m one of the good things that happened in your day today.

Dear Adam,

Your story was very powerful and honest. You told the truth about doing drugs and that you were doing wrong, I know a lot of people would not be able to do that. You said all of these positive things that you did in this big negative story, like how if you would have made a left turn and not a right turn you wouldn’t be alive. You’re just so grateful for so many things that I would have not even thought about. You have inspired me to be more thankful for my life, my legs, and my arms, I never would’ve thought that you have your legs and your left arm that you have no use of, and you are still thankful that you are alive today. I just want to thank you for keeping your head held high and teaching me that I can too.

Dear Adam,

I want to start off by saying thank you immensely for your moving words. This has drastically changed my outlook on life. I now see things from your perspective on the ways of the world, and like the view through your eyes much better. I just want you to know that from now on I will see use your insight on my day to day life. I hope one day to measure up to the man you have risen to.

Dear Adam,

Hello Adam my name is David, and my English teacher read us your story the other day in class, and I would just like to say sorry for what happened to you, and I can only imagine the kind of pain you’ve gone through. I would also like to let you know how incredibly brave you are for not giving up on yourself. I’m glad to hear you’re getting better every day. You just got to hold your head up high, and know that God’s with you everywhere you go even when it doesn’t feel like. Well I guess that’s all for now, my heart and prayers go out to you.

Dear Adam,

After our teacher read the blog you posted online, I felt like it’s definitely a time for me to put some habits away. I’ve recently written essays on drugs and the effects they have on the human mind and body. I’ve noticed how my thought process has changed and how my emotions change. Your story is kind of like an eye-opener for me and an inspiration. You are full of positivity, which led to success. I realize what I need to do and will try to think twice next time I head off towards my bad habits.

Dear Adam,

Your story has helped many people all over the world. It has made people realize that taking their own life isn’t the answer, and that any difficulties they’re going through are just hills they are going to have to climb. God gives us challenges to make a stronger. We do take things for granted that’s another thing we have to realize is that people die every day because of sickness and we have health. People do realize by reading your story that God does have a plan for every one of us.


One thought on “Letters From High School Students

  1. I am all choked up….Hats off to the writers of the letters…We are so blessed to have Adam in our family. Thank you..

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