A Search for the Misfits

I wander through this campus and what I see is opportunity. The opportunity to help others. Of course I see those students with smiles on their faces. Those students wandering around in groups that have already found their place and feel that they belong. But then you see the loners. The kids just struggling to […]

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If Life Was a Poker Game

I put it simply in my book that if life was a poker game then in my first 24 years I had a royal flush. But I wasn’t playing my cards quite right. I was ready physically for anything. I had strength, balance, stamina, agility, and speed. But mentally I was damaging my mind through […]

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See Me… Not The Chair

I’m not ashamed of it. I don’t care that people stare. Children especially stare more than anyone. I’ve always liked to stand out and this is no different. I don’t care that my wheelchair draws attention to myself. I like the curiosity that it brings to people when they see me. It’s an easy way […]

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