Changing Directions

I’ve been through hell. But my faith is stronger than ever. I’ve had everything I loved to do taken away from me. But I’m still here with a smile on my face. I’ve had to overcome both physical and mental obstacles that set up a roadblock that I thought I would never pass. But I […]

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Dear God

Dear God, Are you proud of me? Was I worth saving? Have I proven to you why I was worth saving? Was this the path you chose for me? Because it just seems so clear to me. Thank you for paving it for me. I’ve never been so focused or have seem so clear in […]

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Keep Calm and Carry On

I had two choices on how to live my life after I left the hospital. The first was to live in self-pity and to focus on what I can’t do and not what I can do. To live in the past and to forget about the future. The second was to move on and to […]

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