2013… To the Best Year of My Life

Still can’t walk. Still can’t get myself into bed at night. Still can’t run. Still can’t jump. Still can’t ski. I’ve only slept through the night once in the last two years. But all that matters is I’m happy. This has all been as much a mental battle as it has been physical and mentally I’m winning. It gets easier every day. I don’t dwell every day on the things I can’t do. I love my life and what I have to look forward to. I’ll publish a book this year and share this incredible journey. I’ll speak out about spinal cord injuries and bipolar disorder. This is the year where I prove to God why I was worth saving. This is the year where I truly will make the difference in this world that I’ve always wanted to make. I ask you all in 2013 to stop and think about what you have and take those gifts and use them. Here’s to 2013!


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