Smile Adam, because you lived to see another day. 

Smile because you’re embracing a 2nd chance at life. You’re lucky you see because many people do not get that 2nd chance. God could have easily chosen to leave you dead in that field. 

Smile knowing that because you’re here you’ve made a difference in the lives around you. See God had a plan for you and now he’s using you. 

Smile because the hardest times are over. Remember when you could not sit up for more than 45 seconds without blacking out? Remember how you laid in bed for a month and lost 45 pounds? Remember how you did not see the outside of a hospital for 3 1/2 months? Remember being so depressed that you wanted to die?

Smile because you’re a better man because of all that happened. Remember how you used to get high everyday and block out the world just to make yourself happy?

Smile because things could be worse. Thank God every day that you have that right hand.

Smile because some people do not understand how you could still be happy. Smile at them because they’re the ones who feel like they need to smile at you to make you happy. Know that a smile coming from someone in your situation overpowers theirs. It makes them ask, “if he can be happy, then why can’t I?”

Smile because people love you. You have the most incredible loving family that anyone could ever ask for.

Smile because God has big plans for you in the future. Know that your book is going to change the lives of so many people.

Smile because life keeps getting better and it will continue to get better.

Smile because you flipped your car 5 times at 120 MPH and lived to tell about it. I mean Adam, you drove 120 mph in the snow on a flat tire and then put both hands up in the air and you didn’t think that anything bad would happen?

Smile because you wore your seatbelt.

Smile because the cops were right behind you and they saved your life.

Smile because you’re crazy.

Smile because you’re crazy enough to think that you could change the world.

Smile because you will.


3 thoughts on “SMILE

  1. i love that picture! did you right that to yourself??…makes me think about doing the same for my life…youre (as always) such an inspiration. great way to start the day!

  2. Im smiling right now because I feel blessed to have met you 🙂 You make me laugh everyday and posts like this make me incredibly happy!

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