Friday Night

It’s Friday night and there is only one place I want to be. A couple of my best friends and former roommates are going out tonight and I just want to be right there with them. I want to catch up on old times and simply just be there. I wish things were how they […]

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Who Would’ve Thought…

So my life didn’t work out as planned. I never saw this coming. I mean who did? Never one point in my life did I think, “well, maybe I’ll be paralyzed one day.” I thought about it when my dad talked to me about how he was paralyzed from his spinal cord injury. I thought […]

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Put Yourself Out There

I’ve always been incredibly driven and I’ve never been content with anything I’ve done. I’m always looking for what’s next. I’ve never really known what drives me though. It has not been for the money because I do not have any to show for it. I think it is just for my own personal satisfaction. […]

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