MANIC SIGN #1: Spending Spree

So it’s time for me to explain the other side of the story. When doing this I’m going to be brutally honest with you. I’m sorry that I made these mistakes in my life. Just understand that to find success you must 1st fail. Also understand that this was all because of a mental health issue and it was kind of out of my control. I have my life under control these days and I am drug and alcohol free. When looking into bipolar disorder I want to 1st explain a sign of a manic episode which is going on a spending spree.

I’ve always lived thinking for certain that I would be a millionaire one day. With that in mind I racked up tens of thousands of dollars in loans and in credit card debt because I was certain that I would be able to pay it off one day. Over the course of my college career I racked up $25,000 in student loans. This may not sound crazy but it is because I had a full scholarship to Ohio State. Because my tuition was paid for my dad paid for my rent all through college. Then on top of that I took out about $2,000 in student loans each quarter just to get by. Getting by meant spending my money on throwing elaborate parties, gas for water skiing, marijuana, and of course I went out to eat for just about every meal. I never understood the phrase eating like a college student. I ate great on my student loans. đŸ™‚ Luckily for me I recently found out that because of my disability I can get out of paying for my student loans. There are some perks to being disabled.

I always had problems budgeting my money all through college. But my spending was never more out-of-control than when I experienced my 1st manic episode back in 2008. The spending spree started towards the end of the summer. It started with me applying for credit cards. I basically applied for every piece of junk mail credit card application that came in the mail. I think that my credit report said that over the course of a few months I applied for between 30 to 40 credit cards and loans. Luckily for me I was denied for most of them but I had a large enough credit line to do some damage.

Remember that part of a manic episode can be increased drug use. During this time I unfortunately was in a relationship with marijuana. I took out a cash advance through a credit card so that I could buy a pound of marijuana. I then had someone sell it for me so that I could make some money. I then used a credit card to buy $600 worth of hydroponic equipment so that I could grow marijuana in my closet. The fact that I had someone selling it for me and that I was growing it gave me a false promise that soon I would have a ton of money. So because of this false hope I started spending like I was made of money.

I started to swipe away and rack up credit card bills. Soon I started to think bigger and I went after a new car. I found a 2004 Laguna Blue BMW M3 convertible for $30,000 that was down in Dayton, Ohio. I called the guy and arranged a test drive for that same night. The guy gave me a ride around Dayton and as soon as I got out of the car I called the bank to apply for a $30,000 loan with no money down. Thank God that I got denied. But that did not stop me. In that same week I applied for a loan for an older Range Rover and then a brand-new Honda S2000.


Soon I realized that I had to think smaller. My friend told me that I should check out a Segway. I rode down to the Segway store in the Short North with some of my friends from the Sphinx Senior Class Honorary who were just getting to know me. I went inside the store and asked the man to ride one of these crazy contraptions. Within 5 minutes I found myself applying for a $5,000 loan from the Segway store. I got denied but did not stop there. I drove down to 5/3 Bank and proceeded to apply for another $5,000 loan. The lady did not even know what a Segway was so I explained it and she asked if it was kind of like a motorcycle. I said kind of and soon enough I got approved for a $5,000 loan. 

I got back into my car with my friends from Sphinx with $5,000 in my hand. They must’ve thought that I was absolutely crazy but yeah, I was. I went back to the Segway store and gave him the cash and went home with my brand-new Segway. I spent the next couple weeks just getting high and cruising around Columbus on my Segway. I let everyone ride that thing. During waterski parties I would sit out front and people would be lined up down 15th Ave. and they would pay me to ride it around for a little bit. I even tried renting it out to a student organization but it came back in pretty awful condition so I never did that again.


I really started to rack up the credit card bills when I decided to take an impulse trip to California. The trip to California was absolutely ridiculous and I explain it in my book. Anyways, I used credit cards and cash advances so that I could buy marijuana and pay for Greyhound bus trips to get around California. When I was in San Francisco my friend give me a call from Hollywood who was staying in a $30 million mansion for the week in the Hollywood Hills. He asked me if I wanted to fly down to Hollywood and stay with them for the week so of course I bought the ticket and flew down there.

The house was absolutely incredible and the man that repainted the Vatican had gone into the house for 2 months and painted murals all over the walls and ceilings. Staying here for the week just made me spend more money. While I was there I went to the Apple Store and saw a MacBook Air for the 1st time. That night I ordered one online and threw in an iPod Touch just because I had not reached my credit limit yet. I spent a ton of money on clothes so that I could fit in with the trendy Los Angeles people which proved unsuccessful. I bought Bose headphones and even a $300 Roor bong. This ended up being a complete waste of money as it was confiscated during shipping.


When I got back from my trip from California I spent my days riding my Segway around rather than going to class. This is another story that I will tell later or you may have to wait for the book. Anyways, I spent a lot of money on drugs and other frivolous things. Over the course of 2 months I had spent over $14,000 all on credit and through loans. Everything I purchased was an impulse buy. I would see a commercial for Taco Bell and I wanted to go to Taco Bell. I would see a commercial for Arby’s and soon enough I was on my way to Arby’s. I was impulsive as impulsive could get. These are all characteristics of a manic episode. This was just one way that bipolar disorder has affected me.


2 thoughts on “MANIC SIGN #1: Spending Spree

  1. WOW – You don’t ever have to tell me personally that you are sorry for your mistakes. This finally makes sense to me as I was in the dark during this entire time that you were going through this. I was given no information and was unable to come see you. All I know is that being able to know what you went through now is completing the turn of events that led you to who you are now. And that my nephew is someone who I am very proud of! You are in for a rewarding ride of your life which has already begun.

  2. I remember waiting for you and the other Sphinx members to come pick me up. It was like 4 hours later that I received a call detailing the Segway shopping spree. Welcome to Sphinx – one of the new guys is buying a segway for a camping trip. Keep writing Adam – it’s clearly good therapy for you and it helps those around you understand what was happening in your life. It’s also really inspiring to see how much you have been through and overcome.

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