Working Towards a Dream

I will never give up on my dream. I have gone through too much and have come too far to give up. I will not let my condition hold me back from reaching my dream. My injury was all a part of the process of creating my dream. Because now I have a more powerful story than I could ever imagine. My dream is to publish a book that will change the lives of those people who read it. Once the book is published I hope to travel around the country and speak about my experiences. The ultimate goal would be a movie about everything that I’ve been through. I’m dreaming bigger now than I did before my injury because if you can’t dream about it then it will never come true.

I have not even scratched the surface of the story in my blog. You have heard about my troubles from my spinal cord injury but you are yet to hear about all of the problems that were caused from bipolar disorder. That is the direction that I will go into next.

In the coming weeks you will learn about how bipolar disorder has forever changed my life. You will learn why I believed that I was Jesus Christ and how that led to my crash in the 1st place. You will learn how I ended up in the psych ward for multiple weeks until they convinced me that I was not the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ. You will learn how I persevered and brought myself back from rock-bottom. I’m not going to give away too many details because I want you to check out the book.

I promise to continue updating this blog with my story very frequently. I also promise to continue writing my book so that you can hear the entire story. Please subscribe to the blog so that you can follow my story. 


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