Words to Live By

This was written by Kristy Wetzel who battled cancer for many years and recently passed away. Her words are very inspirational and are words to live by. Please check this out!


Choose to live your life with a young and open mind, a young heart, and a young soul.

Choose to enjoy each step of your journey, not just the destination.

Choose to do your best with whatever life hands you.

Choose to believe in yourself, because anything is possible.

Choose to set your expectations of your self high.

Choose to be free from prejudice because everyone is created equal.

Choose to make a difference.

Choose to cherish your life for it is fleeting.

Choose to stand up for what is right, no matter how unpopular that may be.

Choose to have a sense of humor, because it will get you through a lot.

Choose to be courageous.

Choose to be proud of yourself because you are amazing.

Choose to keep a positive attitude because your thoughts precede your actions.

Choose to be kind, compassionate, and generous.

Choose to be a decent human being.

And finally,

Choose to be forever young.

-Kristy Wetzel


5 thoughts on “Words to Live By

  1. I’ve been reading over your blog, Brooke sent me the link and you seem like such a step g person with a great outlook on your story and your life. I hope to continue to read more. I also wanted to thank you for putting my mom’s (Kristy) words of wisdom on your blog. We aspire to share her story, positive outlook and live for life, and her strength with others to inspire them to live every day with an open heart and an open mind. You have helped us do that and for that, we are grateful. Keep fighting the good fight.


  2. Kristy was a great daughter in law. She never complained and always tried to make them smile. At the her funny pesonality began to show. I will miss her but she is with God now and not in pain. I have always liked her “Words to live by” and I believe she tried to live by those roads.

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