Signs and Symptoms of a Manic Episode

Before going into my own crazy story about my struggles with bipolar disorder I want you to understand what can happen during a manic episode. I experienced pretty much all of these symptoms and I want to go through and share with you my personal experience with each symptom which tells a pretty crazy story. […]


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Working Towards a Dream

I will never give up on my dream. I have gone through too much and have come too far to give up. I will not let my condition hold me back from reaching my dream. My injury was all a part of the process of creating my dream. Because now I have a more powerful […]

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Words to Live By

This was written by¬†Kristy Wetzel who battled cancer for many years and recently passed away. Her words are very inspirational and are words to live by. Please check this out! ¬† Choose to live your life with a young and open mind, a young heart, and a young soul. Choose to enjoy each step of […]

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