Visiting the Slalom Course

Visiting the Slalom Course

Last year I went for a ride on the boat at my godfather’s lake. We sped down through the slalom course and then took a ride back to the dock. As we went through the course I could see myself rounding every buoy This is a and it was just too much for me. Last year I could not even be around the sport of waterskiing because it just killed me to think that I would never be able to do it again. A few weeks ago I took a ride down to the slalom course on the Scioto River. I sat on a fishing wall and watched as a skier went through the course. Unlike a year earlier, I was actually able to watch with a smile on my face. I wanted to give so many tips to the skier. Maybe I should get back into coaching. I’m just happy that I was able to watch what I love with a smile on my face.


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